Dow Jones - Negative option marketing scam

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In 2010 I renewed on-line for my local paper, owned by Dow Jones.I may have checked a box to allow recurring billing, but for no other publication.

Paper stopped being delivered. in 2012 and 2013 I found charges from "DJ Subscriptions". Turns out it was for the iPhone/iPad editions of the WSJ, which I never purposely authorized. Total was $771 charges over 2 1/2 years.

Fishy, they had 800 number for Cape Cod times with just answering machine on my bill. They never sent one email to my address that would have indicated to me I had an active account. The amount gradually increased.

This was likely a "negative option marketing" scam, which is a pre-checked box on a web form, with something like "Yes, I want the free ...".I am suing, I have filed a complaint with the FTC, and I wish I could put them all in jail.

Review about: Wall Street Journal.

Dow Jones - Does Not Honor Verbal or Written Offer

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Update by user Mar 10, 2013

Although I have not made any progress with Dow Jones, I actually received a refund from the third party vender, today, out of the blue. I guess that I will drop the issue, despite all the drawn out aggravation.

Original review posted by user Feb 07, 2013

Dow Jones refuses to provide a refund for one of their magazines that ceased publication.Since I renewed through a third party vendor, they claim no responsibility.

Their agent, the third party vendor, is non-responsive. The original notice offered Barron's for the remainder of my SmartMoney subscription term, July of 2016. After 6 months of futile attempts to get a refund, I reluctantly tried to get the Baron's offer; however, now they are only offering 52 weeks. They also rescinded a $149 refund offer they made on 1/11/2013.

Clearly, they do not honor their written or spoken words.I would not recommend them as a honorable company to do business with.

Dow Jones - Wall Street Journal customer service, what's that?

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You would think that delivering a WSJ to a home in the Charleston, SC area would be a pretty straight-forward affair....anything but!Five straight days with no paper and each time customer service is called, I get a different excuse.

The Phillipine customer service desk that fields delivery issue calls is clueless and is only capable of giving a credit for the undelivered papers, not solving the problem. What's worse is that a promise is made daily that a replacement paper will be sent out and it never happens, which only double my infuriation. Clearly a systemic issue with someone asleep at the switch.

Who is accountable for this with Dow Jones?Where are they hiding today?

Review about: Bad Customer Service.


Maple Grove, Minnesota, United States #621591

Customer Service for WSJ is in the Phillipines, and is a total joke.They give you the run around, pretend that they'll let you speak to a supervisor.

After 5 minutes, their routine is to say that "a supervisor isn't available, but will call you back later today." Of course, nobody ever calls back. So the next day, you call again, and they pretend they have no record... I've been unable to get my 6 day paper delivery delivered more than 1 day per week. Going on 4 months now.

Over 8 times now, they've told me that the matter is being resolved. As the previous pissed consumer commented, they keep crediting me for missed papers, but are completely unable to do anything to solve the problem. I think this is intentional. But I do not understand why Dow Jones would want to make a mockery of their customers.

I would never never subscribe to any more of their publications.It's ridiculous.


I live in southern CA, and re-subscribed to the WSJ five weeks ago.Right on schedule, after 3 weeks of daily delivery, the same old non-delivery problems started.

WSJ's setup appears to be intentional: Deliver the paper for the first 3 weeks - then stop. They keep your money and dangle you with intermittent deliveries until the subscription expires.

This time, however, I am demanding a refund from Rupert Murdock directly.Isn't this scheme commonly known as a "bait and switch"?

Dow Jones - Wall Street Journal - Says Poor delivery is OK.

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I have been a Wall Street Journal Subscriber for over 15 years in various places on the east coast of the US. I have always had either home or office delivery. Until I moved to western North Carolina, I had very few delivery problems. So I also had no real experience with their lack of customer service.

Because of heavy rains, wind and heacy dew here in the mountains the paper was being recieved wet and often unreadable. I requested and customer service agreed that the paper should simply be placed in a plastic bag as are many other papers that are delivered.

Our local newspaper that contracts for delivery is the Times in Hendersonville,NC. After not receiving the paper or not receiving it in plastic ("Bag paper daily" was now printed on the label sent to them by DOW Jones), I contacted the WSJ customer service. Even after escalation I received no improvement. In fact, the regional delivery coordinator actually told me that my carrier unfortunately does not really want the contract, so she has no leverage.

Now, to make the situation even less tolerable, Mr. Luftis from the local times began to call us. He informed me that; "He did not have to deliver my paper if he didn't want to!". and furthermore he said that; " No northern was going to tell him what to do!".

The paper refused to return my call. He then told the WSJ that he could not deliver my paper because of "obstructions or orther obstacles that prevent him from delivering a dry paper.". A lie. But it was, by the wording acceptable to use as their loophole in the contract allows.

I have photo which I p[rovided to customer service and also told them that I would provide affidavits if needed to show that delivery was safe and easy. I live on a paved road. We have a paved pull-off that the mail carrier uses to put mail in the box. The pull-off then leads across our driveway. No plantings, no obstructions. He was simply lying simply because he could and get away with it. Customer service was unable to correct the situation .

I have tried escalating the situation with little success both with in DOW Jones and The New York Times (The subsidiaries parent company). I have not received any response. In fact. now that Mr. Luftis and our local Times newspaper has gotten away with not delivering the WSJ, they now decided to refuse to deliver my paid subscription to The New York Times, home delivery.

Investors beware. Research has shown me that this is NOT an isolated incident but a growing problem throughout the US. I have spoken to readers in other counties Hendersonville, Brevard, etc. and other cities and states.

DO not subscribe, do not invest in any of these papers or their parent companies! Customer service drives a companies success and the companies do not provide any customer service!

New York Times - Worst Customer Service Ever

Wall Street Journal - Couldn't care Less about customer service

News Corp - The switch board wouldn't even connect me with anyone unless I had a name.

Bad comapnaies, bad customer service! NYT, WSJ

Review about: Wall Street Journal.



wish WSJ will be takenover by someone else, not the inept dow jones or the murdochs!

can we file condumer lawsuit against them?


By and large delivery of the WSJ in my town, Ormond Beach, Fl, is reliable.On rare occasions it doesn't come but is delivered the next day.

I attribute this to the carrier not getting the paper physically by the time he has to start his route, but I don't know how he comes by the paper. I assume it's printed by contract in a nearby city and shipped to a local drop point. That's not his fault. I do however have the wet paper problem.

This is easily solved in most cases by double-bagging the paper. He does this for the local paper but not the WSJ. Sometimes he even uses the WSJ bag (which is red) as the protective second bag for the local paper. The local arrives dry at the expense of the WSJ.

Maybe double bagging isn't part of his arrangement with the WSJ, in which case he isn't really to blame. I tried to find out from WSJ customer service how exactly it is that the physical paper gets delivered but they of course know nothing about that.

I'm generally very pleased with my print edition paper delivery except for this one issue.But it might just be one of those things you have to accept because you can't change it.


I used to have spotty delivery problems from time to time in Philly suburb.But since Sept 4th this year, the problem became constant.

I have received only a handful delivery since then.

I can not believe this.I am really upset about this.


For anyone experiencing delivery issues, call 1-800-975-8602 to have your print delivery method changed to USPS (United States Postal Service). When switched to USPS, your paper will arrive with the daily mail. Having a local carrier deliver your paper does pose issues.

If an issue delivery is missed, you can read the paper on


I am having the same issues that everyone else is experiencing.No paper for 5 days now.

I call the WSJ Customer Service, but the only response I get is that there is a "weather issue." And I ve been calling 5 days straight, and everyday they've told me to call back if I don't receive it the following day. WTF!

So far, WSJ is looking really bad.Boise, Idaho.


i think you guys are full of ***.you guys have nothing to do than just sit around and complain.

the paper is wet. well what do you expect? it rains and the paper gets wet. big deal.

move on buddy.

you are paying like 30 cents for each paper.grow up losers


Could not agree more about poor delivery service.The complaint line could care less.

The pity is we had the world's best delivery person and this person was deleted in favor of a dreadful, non reliable service.

No action was taken to correct the bad service, while I know people are canceling all around me.:?


Could not agree more about poor delivery service.The complaint line could care less.

The pity is we had the world's best delivery person and this person was deleted in favor of a dreadful, non reliable service.

No action was taken to correct the bad service, while I know people are canceling all around me.:?


Could not agree more about poor delivery service.The complaint line could care less.

The pity is we had the world's best delivery person and this person was deleted in favor of a dreadful, non reliable service.

No action was taken to correct the bad service, while I know people are canceling all around me.:?


Could not agree more about poor delivery service.The complaint line could care less.

The pity is we had the world's best delivery person and this person was deleted in favor of a dreadful, non reliable service.

No action was taken to correct the bad service, while I know people are canceling all around me.:?


When I was a freshman in college (30 years ago) a subscription to the WSJ was mandatory.I got hooked and have been a loyal customer since then.

But I'm about to tell them to go scratch their a**es because delivery of the paper has been so inconsistent. I'm in northern New Jersey (not exactly an outpost) and historically I might miss one delivery every 6 months. Recently it became one missed delivery a month. This week there have been two missed deliveries.

Each time I note a complaint on the WSJ customer service web site (their site says "we are experiencing delivery problems in your area) and AFAIK they do credit me for the missed paper (but only if I ask) but why the *** are they having problems that they don't seem able to fix. Emails to customer service are handled by automatic "APOLOGY BOTS" or by offshore reps who copy/paste SO SORRY into an email and shoot it back at you.

Total waste of time.Total ineptness on the part of Dow Jones.


I'm having similar issues in La Jolla, California. This is a community with demographics the WSJ can ill-afford to ignore, yet they're apparently doing just that. Any suggestions for escalating this effecitvely would be most appreciated. Read on:

"I'm still not getting my paper. At all. I've tried to cancel service and you require me to call in person. Arrrrgh!!!! "SECURITY REASONS?" I'M NOT GETTING THE PAPER AT ALL - WHAT ARE YOU PROTECTING AGAINST?!!!! On Wednesday, the local contract delivery supervisor (Marco?) called me and was astonished that I had an issue (after THREE WEEKS of near constant inquiries), promised to deliver the paper the next morning (Thurs, Aug 19) and would follow up with me personally, and leave his card - all in an attempt to convince me not to cancel. Result? NOTHING!! No paper, no follow-up.

I think that the local carrier delivery man who covers my street is mentally-handicapped (not meant meanly, just based on reported interactions with neighbors), and probably needs more care and coaching when any changes happen to his route. Perhaps you could pass this along to the route supervisor. But the supervisor's lack of follow-up last week is inexcusable.

Our neighbors all gave up on WSJ years ago due to inability to deliver. You're certainly missing dozens of subscriptions because of this problem, not just mine.

Also, we suspended and resumed service in July. After resuming service, we received the paper...

This is, without question, the most horrible customer service experience I have ever encountered. You truly, truly suck at your job. Please take this comment personally. Either fix the problem, or quit your job and let someone even marginally competent take over. We're talking about PAPER DELIVERY here - how difficult can it be?!! Twelve-year-old boys on bicycles used to do a far-superior job when we were growing up!! Jeez....."

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